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You’ll be coming back for more after playing Barnbougle’s new short course, Bougle Run. With 14 holes, it’s a fun size course with its interesting holes, and challenging terrain. The latest addition at Barnbougle offers you and your mates some serious fun. A short game can also be a good game where you get to swing more freely and practice hitting better shots.

Bougle Run is an added option you can check out on any of Air Adventure tours to Barnbougle.

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World-class architect design

Bougle Run is designed for golfers of all abilities

Designed by Bill Coore, the American architect behind Barnbougle’s Lost Farm course, the 14 holes comprise 12 par 3s of assorted distances and a pair of par 4s. The first two and last two holes sit on a slender tract of land between Lost Farm’s practice-range tee, first tee and ninth fairway, while the middle 10 holes flow across the top of a ridge above the eighth and 11th fairways at Lost Farm. Those 10 holes occupy the highest parts of the property so you’ll be spoilt for “aerial like” views over the spectacular northern Tasmanian coastline.

Here at Air Adventure our team will take care of everything, so you can sit back, relax and focus on your game.

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Fun for all your group

Bougle Run offers inclusive fun for all golfers

What makes Bougle Run so fun? It offers you and your mates a variety of tee options and a more relaxed approach to golf for every golfer – even first timers.

Group sizes will be as large or small as you’d like to make them. There will be no hole indexes, so anyone wishing to make the play a competitive affair will need to negotiate strokes among themselves.

Ready to swing into action?

A quick round played in just 90mins

Round off the day in a cool way

The Bougle Run course can be played in 90 minutes making it an ideal warm up round on the day you arrive or a farewell game on the day of your departure.  You can even unwind and play it as a relaxed second round of the day, carrying a handful of clubs and a six-pack! That’s a cool way to round off an awesome day on the green.

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