Golf Deals

There’s nothing quite like getting your crew of golf mates together and taking off on a golfing adventure to discover a new collection of courses, or even returning to all time favourites.

With Air Adventure, you get to play some great shots on holes that are new to you, with some spectacular backdrops; like the ocean crashing around you as you tee off on a short par 3, or standing on the first with your knees knocking as all your mates are behind you watching you take on one of the gutsiest drives of your golfing life.

For the best golf deals and experience, learn more about The Ultimate Golf Trip.

golfers boarding a private plan

What to Consider When Searching for Golf Deals

When designing the perfect trip, there’s lots to consider, the quality of the courses and experience as well as getting great golf trip deals.

When searching through all the golf trip deals that are out there, scrolling through golf specials it may seem overwhelming. However, the most important thing to have in the top of your mind when evaluating any golf deals is ‘you get what you pay for’.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to get a golf trip that includes: world Top 50 courses, private charter aircraft and the excitement of a friendly and social tournament then joining in on one of Air Adventure Golf Tours events might just be the way to go. You get all the same experience as on one of our private charter trips, however you don’t need to have a full plane load to get the lower prices. You can book in as a single, couple or a group size of any number.

Browse Special Tour Events

Check out the Air Adventure Golf events page to see our golf event specials. You will get a great golf deal while playing some of the greatest courses of your golfing life.